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Run DMC Sticker Pack

Run DMC Sticker Pack

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It's sticky to mock Agile, to mock Agile that's not agile, it's sticky
It's sticky, sticky, sticky, sticky
— Rev. Run & DMC

Picture this: it's the early 90s, you just got the latest Pentium processor, Jeff Bezos is busy wiring up a bell in his garage, and Scrum Alliance doesn't exist yet because Kent Beck hasn't been invited to a ski lodge. You didn't know it, but these were the best days of your life — in terms of software development methodology, at least.

Sadly, those clowns at Google haven't cracked time travel yet, so we can't go back to that idyllic era or even despatch a T-800 to stop Ken Schwaber. But we can respond by putting stickers on stuff, and that's pretty fun.

Pack of three 5 x 5 cm matte vinyl weatherproof stickers.

n.b. Sharpie for scale, no the stickers don't come with a Sharpie and you knew that already so don't even try it.

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