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Anti Agile Agile Club Sticker

Anti Agile Agile Club Sticker

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If you know, you know — and even if you don't know, you can be in the club anyway if you pay us, just like becoming a Certified Scrum Master. But unlike Scrum Alliance, joining Anti Agile Agile Club is super cheap and we don't even make you fill in a multiple choice "test"!

Get 'em while they're hot, and we mean hot in a "this feels like fair use but we'll probably take them down if we get a letter from a solicitor" way.

Specification: 7.5 x 5 cm matte vinyl weatherproof sticker.

(psst... you can get these stickers FREE with an AAAC t-shirt or hoodie!)

n.b. Sharpie for scale, no the stickers don't come with a Sharpie and you knew that already so don't even try it.

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